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the estate general and the English parliament are not the same.

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Q: The Estates General of France was the English Parliament?
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The Estates-General of France was the English Parliament.?

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What was France's medieval parliament called?

France's medieval parliament was called Estates-General or States-General. It was eventually replaced by the National Constituent Assembly during the French Revolution.

What were the three groups of people who made up the Estates General or France's first parliament?

The French Estates General was made up of three main groups. This first Parliament consisted of the First Estates of clergy, the Second Estate of nobility, and the Third Estate of commoners.

When did Estates General - France - end?

Estates General - France - ended in 1789.

When was Estates General - France - created?

Estates General - France - was created in 1302.

The assembly of nobles and townspeople in france was called tbe?


What is the national legislature of France?

Estates General

The French legislative body was known as the?

the estates-general was a french version of parliament in 1400s and was rarely called on for advice at one time king Henry of bourbon, or Henry iv of France, never even called upon them during his reign.

In 1302 King Phillip IV called together the first full French parliament called the estates general which classes of people made up these three Estates of France?

The Clergy, the Nobility, and the wealthy non nobles.

The assembly of nobles and townspeople in France was called?


Who established the estates general?

The Estates-General or States General was established in 1302 in France by Phillip the Fair. Its purpose was to get control of the clergy and get around the power of the nobility.

Who called a meeting of the Estates-General in 1789?

The Estates General met on May 5th, 1789, in Versailles, France.