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Q: The Ptolemaic theory of the universe was disaproved by?
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Ptolemaic theory of the universe was disaproved by?

The Ptolemaic theory explained the way the planets moved among the stars. Other theories were produced between 1500 and 1700. After the discovery of the law of gravity and the laws of motion were discovered, the planetary theory devised by Johannes Kepler (1609) was found to fit the new theories most closely and it was adopted generally. It is still used.

Which Scientists disaprove Ptolemys geosentric theory of the universe?

Galileo and Copernicus were two of the scientists to disprove Ptolemy's geocentric theory of the universe. The Ptolemaic theory stated that the center was earth.

The earth is the center of the universe theory?

The name is of the general theory where celestial objects revolve around the Earth is known as the Ptolemaic system.

What does the Ptolemaic theory argue?

The Ptolemaic system or the geocentric systemÊargues that the orbital center of the universe is the Earth. The system states that the moon, the other planets, the sun, andÊthe stars circled the Earth.

What is the Ptolemaic theory argued about?

it is the theory that the earth is the stationary center of the universe, with the planets moving in an epicyclic orbits within surrounding concentric sphere. it is the easiest answer i can say

What the ptolemaic of the universe had in the center of the universe?

This model of the universe placed the Earth at the center of the universe

What is the Ptolemaic theory?


In the Ptolemaic Greek model of the universe the stars are attached to the?

The stars in the Ptolemaic model of the universe move on or are attached to a celestial sphere.

What is the difference between the Ptolemaic universe and the Copernican universe?

A Ptolemaic view of the Universe has the Earth at it's centre. The Copernican centres on the sun. Both however have been found to be incorrect.

Where is earth place the universe according to the Ptolemaic system?

at the center of the universe

What is the centre in the Ptolemaic model of the universe?


Earth at the center of a series of concentric spheres?