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  1. Priests
  2. Warriors
  3. Secretaries
  4. Peasants
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Q: The Sassanid Empire was broken down into four social classes?
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What is the Rank the social classes of the sassanid society in their order of importance?

The social classes of Sassanid society were: 1. Nobility (including the monarch and royal family), 2. Priesthood (Zoroastrian clergy), 3. Landowners and aristocracy, 4. Merchants and traders, 5. Peasants and craftsmen, and 6. Slaves. The nobility and priesthood held the most influence and power in society.

What are the social classes in Pompeii?

The social classes in Pompeii were the same as in any other city in the Roman empire. laves, freedmen, equestrians, and the elite.

What social classes were most likely to be patricians in the Roman Empire?

A wealthy senator

Were there different social classes in the safavid empire?

Upper,middle, then lower class

What were the social classes of the Songhai empire?

The social classes of the Songhai Empire included the royals and nobles at the top, followed by free commoners (farmers, merchants), artisans, and slaves. Slaves were typically captured in warfare or through trade. The emperor also held significant power and authority within the empire.

Describe the social structure of the Aztec empire?

Basically in social classes by the Aztecs, it was the ruler that came first, then below him were nobles, then were the warriors, and at the bottom were the slaves.

Did apache people have social classes?

No there were no social classes in the Apache tribe.

Which civilization first started the caste system?

Well, caste is the Hindi word for social class, so I guess India. But the first civilization to use social classes is the Inca Empire

What are the differences between China social classes and Egypt social classes?


What were the weakness of the Inca empire?

Mr Beattie said not to get your answers from Answer.Com Love An Atech Student :)

What are the 3 social classes of Sparta?

The social classes are citizons, non-citizons, helots.

What are the social classes in Switzerland?

I think they eliminated social classes in Switzerland by changing the laws