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The confirmation process of federal judicial appointees takes place in the Senate. Hearings are initiated where the appointee is interviewed. The committee votes to bring the matter to the floor. The entire Senate votes and the person becomes a federal judge is the vote is positive.

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Q: The confirmation process of judicial appointees?
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The confirmation process allows the senate to?

judge the abilities of many of the president's appointees to public office

The Senate must confirm presidential appointees to office This process allows the Senate to?

"check the executive and judicial branches

What was the last minute judicial appointments by Adams called?

Midnight appointees

Which branch approves cabinet and judicial appointees?

In the US, the Legislative Branch.

Who holds confirmation power over president appointees?

The US Senate hold confirmation power over many Presidential appointments.

Who nominates and confirms these appointees?

The president of the United States nominates people for appointment to federal offices. The US Senate is responsible for their confirmation.

The president can make appointments to the executive and judicial branches with the confirmation of the what?


When was The Nature of the Judicial Process created?

The Nature of the Judicial Process was created in 1921.

What is a congressional appointment?

A presidential appointment is one to a position in the judicial branch, the presidential Cabinet, or in any federal agency within the behemoth that is our bureaucracy. Many appointees undergo a nomination process where they are either confirmed or rejected by the United State Senate. There are several thousand other appointments to other positions as members of boards and heads of agencies which do not require confirmation. Those which require confirmation by the Senate are designated in the Constitution or in legislation which establishes the position involved. Military commissions require confirmation, as well.

Name one way the president checks the judicial branch?

The President makes all federal judicial appointments, meaning the President can choose to keep a certain political party or judge from ever being considered for a judicial post during their term of office, before they go through the Senate confirmation process.

What is the management technician in the judicial process?

what role does the health information management technician have in the judicial process

What is confirmation power?

The Senate has the 'confirmation power', they confirm or deny all of the presidents appointments (cabinet, judicial, ambassador). The senate's confirmation power the senate shares with the president the responsibility for filling many high-level government positions.