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White,Male,Property Owners

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Q: The founders believed the voters should be?
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What basic rights did the founders believe you should have?

The Founding Fathers believed that all people should have the right to life, liberty, and property

Should the word Founders' be capitalized?

Yes, "Founders'" should be capitalized as it is a proper noun referring to the founders of a particular organization or group.

What colony founders believe tolerance was a great virtue?


The founders of the Know Nothing party believed in?

restricting the number of immigrants into the country

what did the founders believe was an important purpose of government?

Natural rights, sometimes called unalienable rights, are rights the Framers believed all people are born with and can never give up. The Founders argued that the government's central purpose should be to protect and uphold these rights.

The founders believed that natural rights meant the right to?

The rights to life, liberty, & property (;

The founders of the US believed that an important purpose of government was to protect whose rights?

the individuals

The founders of the American republic believed that most of the power that would be exercised by a national?

a legislature

What is founders of faith?

The founders of the different world religions are believed to be "anointed" Messengers of God who brought revelations to different peoples of the earth at various times through advancing civilizations.

What did Jefferson believe in?

As the co-founders of the Democratic-Republican Party, they believed in State's Rights. Madison did believe in a strong federal government, but that it should also share power with the State Governments. Thomas Jefferson believed in State's Rights as well.

Civic virtue relate constitution?

It relates to the Constitution because the founders used the Roman government as in inspiration for the Constitution. They had civic virtue, so the founders believed civic virtue was important in order to have a republic.

Should voters exercise their right?

yes they should if they are not a democrat or liberal