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Thomas Jefferson... I'm 100% sure.

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Q: The minority possesses their equal rights. which equal law must protect. and to violate would be oppression. This statement expresses the view of WHOM?
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Why catholism is a minority religion in north America?

One reason might be that many minorities left Europe, to flee from religious oppression.

What has the author F Hodge O'Neal written?

F. Hodge O'Neal has written: 'O'Neal's Oppression of minority shareholders' -- subject(s): Minority stockholders, Law and legislation, Tender offers (Securities), Legal status, laws, Corporation law

What was Nelosn Mandela fighting for?

Nelson Mandela fought for racial equality in South Africa.

What does religion in government offer its followers?

AnswerReligion in government can offer its followers priority in government decision-making for the teachings of the dominant religion over those of minority religions. This can result in injustice and even oppression. At the extreme, religion in government can even result in oppression of members of the dominant religion itself, as evidenced in Europe during the Middle Ages, and in Afghanistan under the Taliban.

What statement represents the best description of ghetto?

A+ an area of a city where the members of a minority group live due to economic, social, legal, or political reasons

What statement represents the best description of a ghetto?

A+ an area of a city where the members of a minority group live due to economic, social, legal, or political reasons

There is a minority or there are a minority?

a minority is a minor person

Name five components of the statement of changes in equity?

Contributed Capital, Treasury Stock, Minority Interests, Other Comprehensive Income, and ....Retained Earnings perhaps?

What is Mark Twain's political statement?

Mark Twain was something of a progressive of his day and against the mistreatment of minority groups, but at the same time very much of a cynical man.

What is the Interhamwey in Rwanda?

The interhamwey was a group of Hutus. After the Hutu's got power back after almost a century of oppression under the Tutsi minority, The Interhamwey formed and acted to eliminate all Tutsis. The Interhamwey was responsible for most of the deaths that occurred during the Rwandan Genocide.

Was religion a cause of the Mexican War for Independence?

It may have for a small minority, but the big issue was oppression and class struggle, in any case the call for Independence from Spain was issued from the pulpit by Father Miguel Hidalgo which gave it a moral legitimacy beyond political discourse

What is the minority?

The opposite of minority is majority.