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the population of the united states increased

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Q: The number of senators would increase only if?
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How is the number if US senators determined?

The number of US Senators is determined by the number of states in the Union. Each state has two and only two senators.

Would a 2 for 1 stock split cause retained earnings to increase?

No. The ONLY thing it would do to a balance sheet is increase the number of shares, and that is a footnote.

Would adding a number to a set of data increase the mean?

Only if the new number was larger than the old mean.

How many constituents does a Senator serve?

The number can vary widely, as there are only two Senators for each state. The number of constituates for the Senator from Wyoming would be different than the number for the Senator from California.

How many Senatetors are there?

There are 100 Senators in the Senate. The number of Senators per state remains at two and the total number only changes when a new state is admitted into the union.

Could congress pass a law that would reduce the number of senators from the state of Rhode Island to one?

The number of senators per state is a provision of the US constitution and it therefore can only be changed by a constitutional amendment. Congress would be able to propose such an amendment, if it wished to do so, but the amendment would have to be ratified by the state legislatures before it would become part of the constitution.

What is the total number of senators from California?

every state only has 2 senators. Each state have different numbers of representatives, however. The answer to your question is 2.

How come California has two many senators but only two that go to Washington?

Like each of the United States, California has two senators, Barbara Boxer and Dianne Feinstein and they both go to Washington. You may be confusing "senators" in the Senate with "representatives" in the House of Representatives, which together make up Congress. Representatives are elected from the states' districts, the number of which may increase with population growth, hence the House is the most populous chamber of Congress while the senate will always have one hundred senators.

How do they determine the number of senate members in the state of Texas?

The US Constitution sets the number of Senators from each state. Each state has only two.

What is the limit on how many senators the US can have?

There are only 2 U.S. Senators for each State. There are 50 States, so there can be only 100 Senators in the U.S. senate.

Are the President and Vice President of the US considered to be Senators?

No. That would violate the principle of separation of powers. The only people who are considered Senators are those duly elected to the US Senate.

Each state is entitled to how many senators?

In the US, each state is represented by two US Senators.