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The president may not have enough power. For instance, he still has to run most of his ideas through the other branches of government.

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Q: The president of the US has too much power not enough power or the ideal amount of power?
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What do you think the president of the US has too much power not enough power or right amount of power?

That is for the US people to decide.

Does The president has too much power not enough power or the ideal amount of power?

This is a very difficult question, because when we have a President who is foolish or incompetent, we want him to have less power, and when we have a wise and competent President we want him to have more power. The current situation (in 2013) in which the President is locked in mortal combat with Congress, does not seem to be very productive. But in the end, good government is the result of good choices being made by intelligent voters, rather than being the result of assigning more or less power to a particular office.

Where would you place an ideal us president on a scale of power?

at or below the level of the common people

What do you call the amount of time a president is in power for?

presidency or term

Does the president of Kenya have a certain amount of terms?

No. As long as his party retains power, the president's length of office is indefinite.

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How has the executive article fueled debate on presidential power?

The executive article fueled debate on presidential power because of the people. They thought the president does not have enough power.

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Who as the power to veto law?

In the US, the president has the power to veto any laws passed by congress. However, they can over ride the veto with enough votes.