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Ans) D. It is arguable but not defensible. -Apex

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Q: There should be no minimum voting age.Which statement about the claim is trueA) it is defensible but not arguableB) it is both arguable and defensibleC) it is neither arguable nor defensibleD) It is arguable but not defensible?
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which statement about the claim is true?

It is both arguable and defensible.

What is a defensible thesis?

A defensible thesis is a statement that can be supported with evidence and reasoning. It should be clear, specific, and arguable to encourage critical thinking and discussion. Adequate research and analysis are required to back up a defensible thesis.

How many products claim to be number one?

Many, many products claim to be number one, preferred, best, most loved, most powerful, most popular, etc. The ability of companies to advertise products this way has been tested in courts in the United States and elsewhere. When the statement is a matter of opinion, personal taste, or judgement, a certain amount of hyperbole is accepted. When the statement makes a very specific, verifiable claim about a product ("#1 selling truck four years in a row" or "proven to cure diabetes permanently") that statement must be defensible. Sometimes the statement that a product is number one will have an explanation or limitation presented when the statement is made ("#1 selling fuel efficient car*" might have "*of all American four-door four-cylinder gasoline engine cars in 2008" elsewhere on the page).

What is a contradiction of a statement?

A contradiction of a statement is a statement that proves the previous statement wrong.

What should a businesses financial statement contain?

it should contain statement of comprehesive statement, statement of financial position and statement of cashflows

Reverse and negation of an if-then statement?

The reverse and negation of an if-then statement is as follows:if (...) then statement;reversed becomesif (not (...)) then statement;

Is 2 plus 4 equals 13 a statement?

It is a statement. It is a false statement, but a statement nevertheless.

Is income statement same as financial statement?

no. income statement is a only a statement in financial statements.

Is the Bank Reconciliation statement a part of financial statement?

Bank reconciliation statement is not part of financial statement it is the helping statement to tally bank account with balance in banks statement.

is this statement true or false BC?

If the statement is false, then "This statement is false", is a lie, making it "This statement is true." The statement is now true. But if the statement is true, then "This statement is false" is true, making the statement false. But if the statement is false, then "This statement is false", is a lie, making it "This statement is true." The statement is now true. But if the statement is true, then... It's one of the biggest paradoxes ever, just like saying, "I'm lying right now."

What is the deffernce of the switch statement and the if statement in c plus plus?

If statement is single selection statement,whereas the switch statement is multiple selective.

What order are financial statement prepared?

Income Statement, Retained Earnings Statement, Statement of Equity, Balance Sheet, and then Statement of Cash Flows.