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indentured. now finish your homework! >:(

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indentured servants

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Q: These servants sold their labor for passage?
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What servants sold there labor for passage?

One group of servants who sold their labor for passage were indentured servants. These individuals would enter into a contract, typically lasting for a set number of years, in which they would work for a person or company in exchange for transportation to a new country. Once their contract period was completed, they would be free to establish their own lives and typically received some form of compensation or land.

Who were immigrants who received passage to America in exchange for a fixed term of labor?

indentured servants

Who are immigrants who received passage to America in exchange for a fixed term of labor?

indentured servants

Indentured servants received free passage to America from England in exchange for what?

Some immigrants from England paid for their passage to America by becoming indentured servants. Instead of paying for their passage in cash, they paid for it with labor. When their debt was paid, they were free to leave the service of their employer.

English folk who agreed to sign a contract temporarily exchanging their labor for payment of their passage to America were called?

indentured servants

Immigrants who received passage to America in exchange for fixed term of labor?

Indentured Servants. Look it up next time! Chapter 4's not that long.

How did people from England make it to the colonies if they had no money?

They were indentured servants. It means that they get a free passage to America, but they had to work it off. Usually its 5 years of farm labor.

Indentured servants were English man and women?

Who contracted themselves to unpaid labor in return for their passage to America along with room and board during the contract period.

Why did the british colonists in the Caribbean turn to African slaves as a source of labor?

The colonists originally used indentured servants, people who had a landowner pay for their passage to America in exchange for the poor to work on the rich person's land for a certain number of years. However, indentured servants couldn't be sold and bought, and they were eventually granted land and set free. The number of indentured servants coming from Europe started to decrease over the years, and the amount of labor started to increase. With nothing else to do, the British carted African slaves to be used as a labor source, even though slaves were more expensive.

What labor was in Maryland?

Indentured servants, convict labor, slave labor.

What person sold his or her labor in exchange for passage to America?

indentured slave i got the same questions mid term right....

Who were the Penniless people obligated to engage in unpaid labor for a fixed number of years usually to exchange for a passage to the new world or other benefits?

the indentured servents