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Q: This presidents last words were you always talk better lying down?
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Who said 'I always talk better lying down'?

"Nothing more than a change of mind, my dear. I always talk better lying down" were James Madison's final words in response to a niece's question "What is the matter, Uncle James?"

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He may have hay fever or he may be lying to you. Researchers state that lying causes prickly sensations on your nose which cause you to react by touching your nose. So, if he touches his nose often when he is communicating with you, you might want to consider his words carefully.

Does the United States presidents body guards have to be with him at all times?

Security for presidents is 24/7. In other words, at all times.

What words have nearly all US Presidents added to their oath of office?

"So help me God" has been added by many of the Presidents.

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