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I am sorry but we can't answer because we don't know the statements that you were given.

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The Olmec civilization

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The Mayas, in Mexico.

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Q: This structure was created as a monument in ancient Egypt. Which of the following civilizations built similar monuments?
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What American national structure is an obelisk?

The Washington monument in Washington DC is an obelisk

What is the Difference between monument and memorial?

Memorials are often related to death and destruction: World Trade Center MEMORIAL, Martin Luther King Jr. MEMORIAL or Titanic Wreckage MEMORIAL Bouye. A monument tends to be built to remember a significant person or event in history or a time period. The Empire State Building, for example, is a MONUMENT of the booming American economy of the period and the Arc de Triumph is a MONUMENT to military victories. Of course there is some blurrying between the definitions, but this tends to be the trend: Memorials: More somber, remembrance. Monuments: more of a mark of achievement or historic marker. (and there are some monuments, such as the Washington Monument, which -- although built after Washington's death (so a memorial) is more _symbolic_ of Washington's ideals and the constructs of American freedoms - making it a monument) this is good info

What is megalith?

A megalith is a large stone that has been used to construct a structure or monument, either alone or together with stones.

What are the difference between monument and ordinary building?

The main difference between the two is the purpose of building the structure. A monument is built in dedication to a certain person, event, etc. An ordinary building, on the other hand, is typically constructed solely for whatever purpose it may fulfill.

What are some famous attractions?

One of the most famous monuments in Britain is the monument to Lord Nelson, in Trafalgar Square, London. It is known as Nelson's Column, and features a figure of Nelson, and lions at the foot of the column.

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What is the possessive of monuments?

The possessive form for the noun monument is monument's.

Is monuments masculine in french?

Masculine : le monument, les monuments

What are some famous Dublin monuments?

There are many statues and monuments in Dublin. Here are just a few: The O'Connell Monument, the Parnell Monument, The Children of Lir monument, The Oscar Wilde Monument, the Countess Markiewicz Monument, the Molly Malone Monument and many more.

What is the possessive noun for monument?

The possessive form of the plural noun monuments is monuments'.

What is another word for monument?

Some memorials are monuments, but not all monuments are memorials.

What is our only national monument?

there are actually 5 national monuments 1. Devils tower national monument. 2. Navajo national monument. 3. Statue of Liberty national monument. 4. Fort Mantanzas national monument. 5.Frank ("Boss") Pinkley, Supt. of the Southwestern Monuments. but there are alo many other monuments too

What is the monument in Glasgow?

There are many monuments in Glasgow. Amongst them is the Scott Monument, the Arthur Wellesley monument, the Donald Dewar Monument and many others.

Which monument was made out of sedimentary rock?

raskal monuments

Does Ramses III have any monuments?

His monument was called "Medinet Habu." He only had one monument.

What is the Famous Monuments in Brazil?

rao di janero monument

What is the Battle of Lake Erie's famous monuments?

Perry Monument

Does bill gates have monument named after him?

does billl gates have monuments