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Q: To become President JFK defeated who in one of the closest presidential elections of all time?
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Which best describes the outcome of the 1980 presidential election?

Everyone was shot and killed in a mass shooting that hapened while the security guards were on lunch.

Is there a president with a March 25 birthday?

There is no president that was born on March 25. The closest birth to this day is President John Tyler, who was born on March 29, 1790.

What president was born in harrisonburg Virginia?

No US president was born in Harrisonburg. The closest presidential birthplace to Harrisonburg is probably that of Thomas Jefferson in Shadwell, VA about 40 miles away.

Which woman has come closest in the presidential succession order to the office of the president of the US?

As of now, Kamala Harris is the woman who has come closest in the presidential succession order to the office of the president of the United States. In her role as the Vice President, she is next in line to assume the presidency if the President is unable to fulfill their duties.

What factors are important in predicting presidential elections?

This is how I would predict the next president: 1. Look at the current situation and the people's wants and needs 2. Look at the past great leaders and how they got elected. (Hitler, Stalin, Churchill, Washington, etc.) 3. See which leader type the two candidates are. The one that is the closest to one of the candidates above will probably be elected president.

What President of the United States was born on November 20?

none The closest U.S. presidential birthday to that date is November 19 (James A. Garfield in 1831.)

Has any president been born on November 6?

No- the closest presidential birthday to November 6 is November 2 on which day Presidents Harding and Polk were born.

What Brothers were both president of the US of america?

As of 2017, no two brothers have both served as president.

Which US President was the Governor of Alaska?

No US President has ever been the governor of Alaska. The closest an Alaska governor has gotten to the presidency was when former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin lost the 2008 Vice Presidential Election to Joe Biden.

Is there any presidents born on May 19?

No, the closest U.S. presidential birthday to May 19 is John F. Kennedy's on May 29, and the closest vice presidential birthday is Levi Morton's on May 16.

Who was the president of the holocaust?

there was no president, the closest equivalent would be Hitler.

Which cabinet department secretary is the closest advisor to the President?

All of the Cabinet departments are considered to be close advisors to the President. Some may say that the Vice President is the closest advisor to the President out of all the members of the Cabinet.