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A senator must be at least 30 yrs old, a U.S. citizen of nine years standing, and a resident of the state in which elected

only 1/3 of the senators are up for reelection every two years

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Q: To ensure that the majority of all senators are experienced?
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In the senate the rules are designed to make sure that all senators?

The rules are put in place to ensure that all senators conduct themselves in a professional manner. They also ensure that each senator treats the other with respect.

Most senators and representatives are born in the states they represent?

Yes, this is true for the majority of senators and representatives (but not all of them, of course).I'm not sure about having to be born in the states that they represent, but they do have to be a legal resident

What is a whip and what are the roles of being one?

A whip is someone whose task is to ensure that all members (senators; representatives) are present to take part in votes.

How many senators do you have all together?

there are 100 senators in all

Who are the senators representing the state of Florida as of 2012?

If you are referring to the state senate, Florida has forty state senators. In 2012, the majority of them were Republicans. There is a website for the Florida State Senate, so that you can see which senator represents your district currently: If you are referring to congress, the U.S. Senate has two senators from Florida (all states have two U.S. senators). In 2012, they were a Democrat, Bill Nelson; and a Republican, Marco Rubio.

What is the majority purpose of the supreme court?

The main purpose of the US Supreme Court is to ensure that all laws in the US conform to the US Constitution.

Why would senators choose to vote cloture?

Senators may choose to vote for cloture to end a filibuster and move a legislative process forward. Cloture requires a three-fifths majority vote and limits further debate on a bill or nomination. It is often used to break stalemates and ensure that legislation can proceed to a final vote.

What is the portion of senators elected?

All senators are elected. There are no senators that are appointed to the position. This is true for both state and federal senators.

What number of senators does WA have?

All States have two senators.

What is the possessive form of senators?

The possessive form of the plural noun senators is senators'.Example: A copy of the report has been delivered to all of the senators' offices.

How many state senators are there in all?

Each state has 2 Senators, regardless of the state population. Since there are 50 states, there are 100 Senators in all.

What is the term length for junior senators?

It 6 years for all senators.