Tributary in a sentence

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Certificate of Tributary Information

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Q: Tributary in a sentence
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Related questions

What is a sentence with tributary?

a tributary is a stream

Can you use tributary in a sentence?

The Ohio river is a major tributary of the Mississippi.

What kind of sentence can you use for a tributary?

A tributary does not flow directly into a sea.

How do put tributary in a sentence?

That stream is not a branch; it is only a small tributary

How would tributary be used in a sentence?

The small river acted as a tributary to the main channel.

What is a good sentence for the word tributary?

The Ohio River is a tributary of the Mississippi River. In the ancient world, Egypt became a tributary of the Roman Empire.

How do you use tributary in a sentence?

The Amazon river meets the Pacific ocean. The place where the river meets the ocean is the tributary. The Amazon tributary is gigantic.Let's follow the left tributary to it's source.I'm not sure of the name of the Amazon River's largest tributary.

How do you use the word tributary in a sentence that has to do with sailing?

They could not bring the boat up the river's tributary, since it was indeed almost a mere stream.

How do you use the word tributary in a sentence?

The Rio Tambo is a tributary of the Amazon river, on the eastern slopes of the South American Andes. The major tributary of the Mississippi River is the Missouri, which is a major river in its own right. Tributary payments to the king were one facet of feudalism.

What is a sentence using the word tributary?

The tributary flowed mostly into the delta, not the main channel of the river. The Missouri River is the longest tributary of the Mississippi river.

Why does a tributary not flow into the sea?

Because a tributary flows into a river. If a tributary flowed directly into the sea - it would be a river - not a tributary !

What is a small stream called that leads off from a main river?

It is called a tributary