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Q: True or false the constitution is a permanment document which may never be changed?
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Over the years the constitution has been changed only ten times true or false?


The Constitution has changed to adapt to the modern world of computers?

No way its false

Once it was ratified the constitution could not be changed true or false?


Is it true or false that political parties are mentioned in several places in the Constitution?

False. The Constitution does not mention political parties. The framers of the Constitution did not anticipate the rise of political parties and did not include any references to them in the document.

Amendments to the constitution have as much legality as the original constitution true or false?

Amendments to the Constitution of the United States have all the same power and effect as the original document, and can even have more legal standing than the original. An amendment can supersede text in the original document.

True or False The authors of the constitution wrote a document that was easily adapted to change?

True. They had the foresight to make it so it could be amended.

the constitution is a document that protects the rights of individuals True or false?

Technically true, and to be more specific it is the Bill of Rights (the first ten amendments of the Constitution) that truly protect the rights of the individual.

True or False When you create a new document the document automatically has two sections?


Is it true or false the federalists were against the constitution?

It is False. Anti-federalists were against the Constitution.

Is it true or false that the Federalists were against the Constitution?

It is False. Anti-federalists were against the Constitution.

What is the bill of rights apart of in the us constitution?

The Bill of Rights is the first 10 amendments to the Constitution. They were added AFTER the ratification of the document by the first Congress.

Is it true or false that a letter is an example of a main document?