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No, William Penn found Delaware.

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He discovered Delaware

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becaause he wanted to

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Q: WHY did Peter Minuit find the Delaware colony?
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How did the townspeople ultimately identify the men who were the true heirs to the estate of Peter Wilks?

They went to the cemetery to dig up the body to find out who was telling the truth

Who is Delaware's representatives?

Our state representative is Micheal Castle. I am positive with this answer cause I to had the same question so I did some research on the computer and found out that this guy was our state representative. It was actually a homework assignment given to us and the assignment was, to find out who is our state representative. So that's how I found this answer. So i hope you guys this answer was resourceful and i hope that you guys had fun checking out this website and my answer for the question "who is Delaware's representative"? See you all peoples.

How do you think you would have felt if you were among Washington's soldiers crossing the Delaware to attack Trenton and why?

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What are the names of your senators?

The senior U.S. Senator from Delaware is Democrat Tom Carper. He took office in January 2001, and his 3rd term ends in January 2019. The junior U.S. Senator from Delaware is Democrat Chris Coons. The term he took over in November 2010 ends in January 2015.

How are Jamestown and the settlement of st Augustine different?

St. Augustine was a Spanish settlement from the 1500’s and is the oldest city in the United States. Jamestown was not meant to be a colony and the 107 men were sent to work for gold.

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Why did peter minuit and new Sweden company find Delaware?

They felt like it

Who found Delaware?

The Delaware Colony was founded in 1638 by Peter Minuitand New Sweden Company. It was named for the river which was named for the governor of Virginia, Sir Thomas West (Lord de la Warr).

Did Peter Minuit or James Duke of York find New York?

Peter Minuit founded New York colony in the 1600's to 1700's But New York was named after the Duke of York

When did peter minuit find new york city?

peter minuit had found it in 1626 or 1624

Did peter minuit find new york?

Peter Minuit found New Amsterdam and was the first governor of New Sweden. Peter Minuit purchased Manhattan Island from the Indians.

What was Peter Minuit's purpose?

To find New York

What colony did Henry Hudson find?

He founded the Delaware colony

How old was peter minuit when he died?

Peter Minuit was 57-58 years old when he died.

What happened in peter minuit's childhood?

He went to church instead of school, I think.

When did peter minuet find Delaware?

Peter Minuet found Deleware with Swedish colonists in 1638.

Where did they find Delaware?

Henry Hudson is credited with the discovery of the area which is now Delaware. In 1631, the first colony of Delaware was established. However, by 1632, that colony had been raided by natives, who killed all the settlers, and set fire to their buildings. In 1638, it was colonized by a Swedish group, then taken over by the Dutch. It was then taken over by the British, who seized the territory without a fight. Delaware was part of a land grant, given to Quaker, William Penn.

Who was the dutch leader who bought Manhattan island from local Indians?

Manhattan Island in New York (where you would find New York City)