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Theodore Roosevelt with 35 Books, though some sources say it was 37, I'll trust my trivial persuit game answer ;-)

Patricia O'Toole, author of When Trumpets Call: Theodore Roosevelt After the White House, says he wrote 38.

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Philip Parker wrote 200,000 books but computers did most of the work.

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Q: WHich US president wrote the most books?
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What presidents wrote books while in office?

US President Theodore Roosevelt wrote 37 books. One of his most popular pieces was a book titled 'The Man in the Arena'.

Who is the writer of the book Mr president?

Ray Raphael, Norb Vonnegut, and Stephen Arr all wrote books by that name.George Sullivan has a book out with the name Mr. President - a book of US presidents.

How did Margaret mitchell help US?

she wrote books

What president wrote his own epitah?

Thomas Jefferson wrote his own epitah without mentioning that he was a US President.

Who wrote most of the declaration of independence third president of the US wanted the US to buy Louisiana from France?

Thomas Jefferson did all of these things.

How many US presidents wrote books prior to becoming president?

I can think of 10 - there may have been more. Carter and Obama wrote books that were essentially campaign literature. Eisenhower wrote a book about WW II.Ford wrote a book about the Kennedy assassination, Kennedy won a prize for his Profiles in Courage, but it is not certain how big a part he actually had in writing it. Wilson wrote several books on political science and American history. Theodore Roosevelt wrote several books about topics in American history and his hunting adventures. Nixon wrote a memoir, Six Crises, about his vice-presidency and first campaign. Jefferson wrote a book on the geography and people of Virginia. John Adams wrote three volumes on the US Constitution.

What US President has the least books written about him?

President Bush Senior

What are Obama's two bestselling books?

Long before he became president, Barack Obama wrote "Dreams From My Father" (published in 1995, when he was about to enter politics); and later, in 2006, while still in the US Senate, he wrote "The Audacity of Hope."

What are the names of any books that Andrew Jackson wrote?

Andrew Jackson never written a book in his life.

What us president authored 14 books?

Woodrow Wilson

Who wrote a fiction novel on the first black president of the us?

Irving Wallace wrote "The Man" in 1964. John DeBrizzi wrote "America" in 2009. In the novel the President's name was "Moses Shabalala".

Who wrote about decapods and other sea in her ecology books?

Rachel Carson wrote about decapods and other sea creatures in her ecology books, particularly in her most famous work "The Sea Around Us." She explored the interconnectivity of marine life and the impact of human activities on the ocean environment.