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Abraham Lincoln is the most written about person in history right after Jesus

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While some presidents receive more coverage than others, the leader in biographies is probably Abraham Lincoln.

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Q: What US President had the most books written about him?
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What US President has the least books written about him?

President Bush Senior

How many books have been written on the American Civil War?

The last count of the number of books on the US Civil War, saw a number of 60,000 books and counting. Over 6,000 books have been written about US President Abraham Lincoln.

What are the names of any books that Andrew Jackson wrote?

Andrew Jackson never written a book in his life.

What us president authored 14 books?

Woodrow Wilson

Why should Obama be in your history books?

Because he is the first black president of the US

What presidents wrote books while in office?

US President Theodore Roosevelt wrote 37 books. One of his most popular pieces was a book titled 'The Man in the Arena'.

Where do you find books showing value of us coins?

Most Libraries will have such books

What books can US presidents swear on?

The president is not required to use a book as part of the swearing in ceremony, but most put their hand on a Bible. Pierce used a law book.

Who was the most effective U.S. president?

The most effective us president is Abhraham Linkhan

Was the US Constitution written by freemasons?

for the most part yes. a lot of our history is shaped and molded by the masons, althought they don't tell you this in the history books.

What number was Garfield?

There are currently 63 Garfield books. James Garfield was the 20th US President

What president that was in office is compared to your current president?

US President Barack Obama is most frequently compared to previous US president George W. Bush.