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The area was controlled by France until 1763 and by Great Britain until 1783.

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Q: Was Indiana a spanish or french colony?
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Was Peru once a french colony?

no. It was a Spanish colony.

Was Louisiana was never a british colony how did it help to shape Louisiana into what it is today?

No it was never a British colony, it was French, Spanish and then purchased by the United States. No it was never a British colony, it was French, Spanish and then purchased by the United States.

Did the French and Indian War have anything to do with Indiana?

no. The French and Indian war was between France, who was fighting with the Indians against Britain. Indiana wasn't even a colony yet.

Is Cuba a french speaking country?

No, Cuba's official language is Spanish, not French.

When was Indiana Colony created?

Indiana Colony was created in 1874.

Which Colony was to act as a buffer between the English and The Spanish and the French?


Why did the french try to establish a colony in Florida?

The Spanish wanted more land.

Did Louisiana become British?

No. Louisiana started as a French Colony, and was then later a Spanish Colony, at no point did it become a British holding.

What is the only colony in south America?

French Guianafrench guyana

Are Haitians Spanish?

No, Haitians are not Spanish. Haiti is a predominantly French-speaking country due to its history as a former French colony. The Spanish language is not the official language of Haiti.

What does Argentina call the Falklands islands?

MALVINAS. A Spanish derivative after the French Îles Malouines, named when the archepelago was a French colony, it is Breton for: in the manner of the mariners and fishermen of St Malo, who occupied the colony.

In what South American country is the official language not Spanish?

Many South Americans speak Spanish but four countries do not speak Spanish as their primary language. Brazil - Portuguese Suriname - Dutch/English Guyana - English/Dutch French Guiana - French The nations of Suriname (Dutch Guiana) and Guyana (British Guiana) have large Spanish-speaking populations. French Guiana is an overseas department, therefore considered part of France.