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Yes. James Knox Polk was a President. He was the 11th.

he may have been a president but he was a bad one he had slaves.

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Q: Was James Knox Polk a good president?
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How did James K. Polk feel as president?

Polk was not in good health while he was president he did not feel good physically. As a president he had reason to feel good since he accomplished virtually everything that he had set out to do in just one term.

What is a good cinquain for the 11th president James K. Polk?

James Polk from Tennessee saw the United States stretch from sea to shining sea in one term.

Who was responsible for Polk becoming President?

Andrew Jackson helped James Polk's campaign by speaking on his behalf whenever he could. That might have helped Polk become the President of the United States. James Polk was also a good speaker and the fact that he married Sarah Childress-Polk might also have made a difference in his election.

What year did president James K. Polk die?

The exact cause of his death is not known. Cholera seems to be a good possibility, He suffered from diarrhea, intestinal cramps and general weakness which became progressively worse. He had a long record of intestinal problems and was not in the best of health for the young man that he was.

Why did James Knox Polk became president?

Ex-President Martin Van Buren was the front runner in 1844 but he could not get the necessary two-thirds of the vote. Lewis Cass picked up steam and led on the fifth ballot, but he also could not get the necessary two-thirds. Eventually they turned to James Polk and he won on the ninth ballot. He was considered a dark horse candidate, but actually had good credentials, having served as in Congress for 14 years, two terms as Speaker of the House and governor of Tennessee. The Whigs won in 1840, but the President Harrison died and vice-president Tyler was not effective, so the Democrats were in a good position to win.

What thing good or bad did James K. Polk do?


Was James K. Polk good at any subjects?

Yes, Polk was a very good student. He excelled at mathematics and was good at debate and public speaking as well as Latin and Greek and philosophy. He was chosen to give the Lain addess at commencement.

What is your opion of James bunchanan?

he was a good president

What were the successes and failures of James K Polk's administration?

1. James K. Polk is a much underrated president who fulfilled all of his campaign promises to an extent. He was a major benefactor to the nation, especially in land gain. This includes the Annexation of Texas, lands gained from the Mexican-American War, Oregon Territory and even tried to buy Cuba from Spain. The Mexican-American War was a huge success to his administration, with quick victories the more superior American army led the largest seaborne invasion and marched into and sacked Mexico City. Polk on the domestic side reduced tariffs and reestablished the Independent Treasury System. Every President has cons to his term and Polk did not receive the "54-40 parallel as intended but instead got the "49th. Polk was an advocate of slavery and was ridiculed for it yet in one term he completed a lot more good than harm.

What was the year of the era of good feeling?

the years were from 1817 to 1824. the president at that time was president James Monroe.

Who served as the president during the era of good feelings?

The Era of Good Feelings was a national mood of the United States from 1815 to 1825. The era is historically attached to the Presidency of James Monroe, the 5th President of the United States, serving from 1817-1825.

Who was the president of the US at the beginning of the era of good feeling?

James Monroe