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No, there is no evidence that he ever married or had children.

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Q: Was Jan Matzeliger married and did he have a child?
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Was Jan matzeliger married?

There are no existing records to show that Jan Matzeliger ever courted or married.

When was Jan matzeliger's birthday?

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What did Jan E Matzeliger invent?

Jan E. Matzeliger invented the shoe- lasting machine.

How do you pronounce Jan Matzeliger?

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What year did Jan matzeliger die?

Jan Ernst Matzeliger Date of death is 24 August 1889

What was the names of Jan ernst matzeliger?

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Who did Jan E. Matzeliger?

This Girl He Knew Name Emily Johson . They Grew Up Together And Had Three Children Named Jan E. Matzeliger Jr. , Sofie Marie Matzeliger , and The Youngest Brain E. Matzeliger.

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Did Jan matzeliger have children?