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Yes of course there was

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i think so he is

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Q: Was goku ever alive in real life?
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Did gohan ever get killed?

Yes but not in the real future where Goku lives from the life threatening disease.

Is Goku real in real life?

No, Goku is a fictional character in Dragon Ball.

Does Goku ever die for real?


How tall would ssj4 goku be in real life?

May be 6'3"

Is ssj Raditz is real?

yes goku use the dragon ball to bring raditz back to life In wich episode did goku do that then?

Is charlie clements dead in real life?

No he is alive in real life.

Is Goku real?

yes goku is real how else could he have been in db evolution

Can you get real puffles alive?

in real life no but in cp yes.

Is Brian McKNight alive or dead?

He is alive in real life!

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No that is wrong life is real we are all alive! Hahaha Zach your stupid get a life

Is undertaker a life?

Is gimmic is portraying that he is a deadman but in real life he is alive

What site can you get Goku ssj8?

Goku in SSJ 8 is not real, Goku has only gone as far as SSJ 4.