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Allie's dad died in real life when she was 2.

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Q: Did Allie's DiMeco parent's die in real life?
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What is Roselena in real life on Naked Brothers Band?

Rosalina's real name is Allie Dimeco

What is the real name of Rosalina in The Naked Brothers Band?

Her name is Allie Dimeco

What is the real name of Allie dimeco?

Alexandra jean theresa dimeco

Does Allie DiMeco want to kiss Nat Wolff?

No, they're just friends in real life.

Has Nat Wolff kissed Allie DiMeco before?

he has in the movie polar bears but i dont think so in real life.

Are allie dimeco and nat wolf friends?

probably not cause don't you think that they would actually spend time together in real life?

How old is Rosalina in real life?

Rosalina from the Naked Brothers Band?=well her real name is Allie Dimeco and shes a hired actress she 15 and her birthday is June.15 1992=

What is Rosalina's real name from the Naked Brothers Band?

rosalina is real name is allie dimeco.

Allie dimeco nat wolff?

no there just real close buds

What is allie demico's real name?

Allie Demico's real name is Alexandra Jean Theresa DiMeco.

What is rosalina's real whole name?

Alexandra Jean DiMeco her real name isn't Rosalina~Alina

Who is rossalina from the Naked Brothers Band?

Her real name is Allie Rosalina Dimeco.