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Because there were no black, Woman, indentured servants, free black, young people or anyone anyone not at the age of 42 or 43 it was not a fair representation of people

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Q: Was the group at the Philadelphia convention a fair representation of people?
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Was the group that assembled at the philadelphia convention a fair representation of the people?

No, they were not. While there were representative from all of the 13 Colonies at the time, there would have been at least 35% or more that would not have sought independence. Many Torys or British Loyalists had to leave the U.S. at the end of the Revolutionary War.

Framers are the group of delegates who attend the Philadelphia convention True Or False?


Who specificly wrote the Constitution?

It was a group effort by all the members of the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia, presided over by George Washington.

What was the name of the group of people who supported the constitutional convention?


Which group controlled the convention in France?

The French people were the ones that controlled the convention in France. It was the first French Assembly that was elected by universal male suffrage.

What doe taxtation without representation mean?

It means that a government taxes a group of people without their representation in their government. The slogan "no taxation without representation" was coined when Britain taxed the American colonies but there was no American representation in British Parliament.

What group was responsible for the creation of the us government?

The Constitutional Convention

Difference between protocol and convention?

Protocol is the procedures set down that are to be followed in any given situation; this meaning could also apply to convention. Another meaning for convention is a meeting of a group of people for a particular purpose. It also is a meeting of a group of countries on what to do when a specific subject arises.

What is the Definition of business convention?

A business convention is a meeting of people that are in the same business. For example, an electricians convention would be a meeting of a group of electricians who are not necessarily employed by the same company. They get together to share ideas and learn of new products.

What group is not at Constitutional Convention?


Describe the members of the Philadelphia convention as a group?

The members of the Philadelphia Convention were George Washington, the most respected & honored main in the country, James Madison, often called the "Father of the Constitution", and Benjamin Franklin, was 81 and in poor health. There were also many more.

What is the opposite of stereotype?

A Countertype "a representation that challenges traditional stereotype associations of a group, people or places."