Were does broccli come from

Updated: 4/28/2022
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it come from me hot place like the U.S.A and England

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Q: Were does broccli come from
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Which country do broccli come from?

it comes from forres

Is broccli a fruit?


Is broccli a stem?

no its a flower

Does broccli grow your hair?

Yes and almonds

How many grams of broccli are in a cup?

About 240 grams

How long does fresh broccli saty fresh?

It is always fresh

Is it okay if your cat eats broccli?

No they should eat cat food

Where does coliiflower grow?

"Coliiflower" as you call it does not grow anywhere. Coliiflower is a mutated broccli.

How many calories are in broccli soup?

Roughly 200 calories per cup.

Is cat poop in chicken broccli and zitti?

no its in choclate chunk cookies and in cheese

What caused the war in the New Jersey colony?

cause a guy ate broccli and farted

Can anybody change his or her opinion about her or his likes and dislikes?

i would say you can't. i mean if you don't like broccli you wouldn't eat it right?