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Coolies usually come from Southern China,the India subcontinent,the Philippines and Indonesia

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Q: Where did coolies come from?
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why did coolies come to singapore in old time can you give me a ans

How did coolies come to Singapore?

In the past, Ships were used to Transport the coolies to singapore

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Do tea coolies and tea porters mean the same?

We know of tea caddies, but not of tea coolies or tea porters. Coolies and porters are unskilled laborers, coolies being specifically Asian laborers.

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What are the jobs that the early immigrants do?

They work as coolies.

Was coolies a slang name for Native Americans?


How coolies made a living?

coolies are "paid slaves".If they can afford their shipping fare,they are "free labours".But if they can't,their master will pay for the fare and the coolie will hasve to work for him until the fare is repaid.

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