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Free soil.

It was the admission of California as a free state that made it necessary to appease the South with the Fugitive Slave Act, which promptly heightened abolitionist sentiment in the North.

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They were free states (though Washington was not admitted until 24 years after the war ended and slavery abolished). Oregon, like Illinois, had a "whites only" clause in its original constitution intended to keep out all blacks, free or slave, and was founded as a haven for those fleeing disputes over slavery. California was admitted as a free state as part of the Compromise of 1850. Before compromising pro-slavery southern leaders had wanted southern California - that portion below the line of 36 degrees thirty minutes latitude - admitted as a separate slave state. This was the line created in the Missouri Compromise of 1820, the dividing line between permissible slave territory and free territory. During the Civil War both sides claimed New Mexico, and there was a military campaign there in 1862, resulting in the defeat of the Confederate force at the Battle of Glorieta Pass. The Confederates continued to claim the territory though and had a territorial government, which had to operate out of Texas. There were 8000 troops in the Union Army from New Mexico.

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These states were free.

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Q: Were the states that border the pacific ocean free states or slave states?
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Were the states that border the pacific ocean free states or slave?

Some in the United States. California, Oregon, and Nevada were.

Were the states that border the pacific ocean free or slave state?

Some in the United States. California, Oregon, and Nevada were.

Were these border states free or slave states?

The "Border States" were slave states.

Which union states boredered states that seceded were these border states free states or slave states?

None of the Border States seceded even though they were slave states.

Where the states that seceded from the union slave states free states or border states?

Slave states. Some border states made attempts to secede, but for one reason or another, failed to do so.

What were slave states called if they never seceded?

Border states or Buffer states.

What is the name for the slave states that did not join the confederacy?

border states

Define border states?

Border states refer to U.S. states that are geographically located along the boundaries or borders of other countries or territories. They often have unique cultural, economic, and political characteristics due to their proximity to neighboring regions. Examples include states like Texas, New Mexico, and California in relation to Mexico.

What were the name of the states that were in the middle of the free states and slave states?

The Border States. These were the slave-states that had voted to stay loyal. Kentucky, Missouri, Maryland, Delaware.

What did the line of the Missouri compromise define?

The border between slave states and free states

What are the slave border states?

The border states were those states that bordered the states that seceded before the Civil War. The border states consisted of Kentucky, Delaware, Maryland, and Missouri.

What are the slave states that didnt secede called?

there isn't really a name for them, they are like any state but they have slavery. you could call them southern slave states or slave states, or southern states...... there is no definition for slave states that didnt secede proir to the civil war