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Q: What All of the following have been deemed unconstitutional EXCEPT a. individual private prayer by students. b. recitation of the Lord's Prayer. c. posting the Ten Commandments on the wall of the clas?
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What is an easy meaning for unconstitutional?

Not following the words or spirit of a constitution.

Which of the following determines executive acts to be constitutional or unconstitutional?

Supreme Court

How is The Bible used as guidance?

By following the commandments written in the Bible.

How does following the Ten Commandments help your family?

It helps me by knowing what things are right and what are wrong

Who developed the Ten Commandments of Computer Ethics?

Ethics in information processing is considered so important that the Computer Ethics Institute developed the following Ten Commandments of Computer Ethics.

What is following God's law?

Following God's law means living your life in accordance with the teachings and principles set out in your religious scriptures or beliefs. It involves obeying divine commandments, showing love and compassion towards others, and striving to lead a righteous and ethical life guided by faith.

Humanism focuses on which of the following characteristics?

Humanism focuses on the inherent dignity and worth of all human beings, emphasizing reason, ethics, and compassion. It emphasizes the importance of rational thinking, individual freedom, and the pursuit of knowledge and personal development.

Does one of the ten commandments offer a reward?

No, one of the ten commandments does not offer a specific reward in the traditional sense. The commandments are guidelines for moral behavior and are considered divine laws in many religious traditions. Following them is believed to lead to spiritual well-being and a virtuous life.

How do the ten commandments help you in life?

The Ten Commandments provide moral guidelines for ethical living, promoting principles such as honesty, respect, and fairness. Following these commandments can help individuals make wise decisions, cultivate healthy relationships, and contribute to a harmonious society. Ultimately, the commandments serve as a blueprint for virtuous behavior and moral integrity.

How do Jews reach happiness?

By following God's commandments and thus keeping true to the ancient covenant. Happy, now you know =]

What deos descendants mean?

Generations following an individual.

Which of the following headlines illustrates the use of judicial review?

"New York State's Reapportionment Plan Ruled Unconstitutional"your welcome,is the right answer 100%