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It's the other way around: in some cultures the language is represented in its written form by a script based on pictures. The best-known examples are the Egyptian hieroglyphs and the Chinese characters.

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Q: What Language is based on the use of pictures to represent words?
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Who did the Fathers of Confederation represent?

They reoresented their own colonies which were the Maritime colonies, and the Province of Canada, before 1867. After that beautiful year many other fathers joined the confederation. They also represent the country of Canada. And if you have a problem with that. I got 2 words for ya. SUCK IT. ☺

How can you help illiterate people to learn?

Just because a person cannot read or write does not mean they cannot also LEARN. If teaching them the basics of comprehending our written language alludes you, then think smaller... Pictures are always a great way to aid in teaching. A lot of us literate individual's absorb information quicker if it's accompanied by a diagram of sorts - in your case use pictures! These pictures could also lead to recognizing letters and eventually words if you're up to it. Just remember that illiteracy does NOT denote ignorance.

What are the main reasons English being influenced by Latin and greek languages?

Although Latin was spoken in Britain between 43 a.d (or b.c.e. = before the common era) and 410 a.d. any traces of it were largely swamped by Anglo-Saxons who imposed their Germanic-based language on what became England. The Cornish, Welsh, Irish and Scots continued to use variants of the Celtic language found in the British Isles before the Romans arrived. Latin was used by the Christian Church as a common language binding Christian Europe together, and it continued to be used in Law and medecine. This was an elitist usage and has not greatly affected English directly. The Norman language was imported with the invasion of 1066 and became bound up with Saxon to produce Early English. The Norman language was a form of French, but as French is a 'Romance' language i.e. derived from the Romans, a number of Latin elements were included in English. Greek (i.e. Attic Greek, the language of the Athenians) was introduced into Biblical studies and Rennaisance/Humanities studies only from the 16th Century. It never greatly affected standard English. English grammar is Germanic in structure and the Classical language have not affected this very much, the influence is in volcabulary. English does now include a great many loan words from a wide range of sources. Words like 'alibi' (= elsewhere) come from Latin whilst words such as 'biology' have been created from Greek. 'Bungalow' is an example of a word imported via our experiences in India. The main reasons for influence of Latin and Greek languages in English are that they are the base of language and define and develope new and more creative vocabulary.

What is delineation?

It means to make a rough draft, outline or graft of something. A step by step plan.The term delineation means the action of portraying or describing something precisely. It also can be described as meaning to depict in words, gestures or in pictures.

What do you mean by wit is educated insolence?

Wit is called educated insolence because of cynical and sarcastic comments made by educated people. It also means that an educated person can put thoughts into words more easily.

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What are words numbers sounds or pictures that represent facts or ideas?

words, pictures ,or sounds that represents facts are called

What is a written language based on?

A written language is typically based on a system of visual symbols, such as alphabets, characters, or logograms, that represent sounds, words, or concepts. These symbols are combined in specific ways to convey meaning and communicate information effectively.

Did the ancient greek use pictures to represent words?

No, they did have letters to write their words.

How do you write 'R' in Mandarin?

There is no 'R' in Mandarin. Unlike English or any other language which is based on a form of alphabet, the Chinese language does not have a alphabet. They have characters (some people refer to them as pictures) which represent different words. While there are approximately 3,000-4,000 more commonly used characters overall, there are over 80,000 characters. None of which represent any one letter in the English alphabet.

Is English an alphabetical language?

Yes it is, as opposed to a pictographical language such as the written languages of China, which use pictures to represent words and syllables, rather than an alphabet comprised of consonants and vowels which is the case for the written language of the English, and of many other language groups.

What do you call pictures that represent words?

Pictograms. Pictographs. Rebus. Hieroglyphics.

What R is a kind of word puzzle which uses pictures to represent words or parts of words?


Pictures symbols used to represent words sounds or concepts are called?


How does the words Chinese Language look like in Chinese writing?

The words "Chinese language" in Chinese writing would look like "汉语" (Hànyǔ).

What is it called when you use a picture in place of a word for example a picture of a pigpen for the word pigpen?

That is called a rebus, which is a puzzle or riddle that uses pictures or symbols to represent words or parts of words. In this case, using a picture of a pigpen to represent the word "pigpen" is an example of a visual rebus.

What are examples of abstract language?

Examples of abstract language include words that represent concepts or ideas that cannot be physically seen or touched, such as love, justice, happiness, or success. These words often rely on interpretation and can vary in meaning from person to person based on their individual experiences and perspectives.

What is the Roman numeral for the word 'Vicarius Christi'?

Roman numerals represent numbers, they do not represent words. The words "Vicarius Christi" are Latin, which was the language spoken by the Romans.