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An oligarchy and the US government have nothing in common.

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Q: What Oligarchy and the US Government have in common?
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What Countries that have a oligarchy today?

Burma has a junta government. That is a form of oligarchy.

What was the name of Spartas government?

Sparta's government was an oligarchy. An oligarchy is where a few citizens have a say in the government.

Through politics what is the oligarchy?

The oligarchy is a form of government that is ruled by a group of people at the top. Every king has his council of nobles, and every dictator has his bureaucrats, every president has his cabinet. Oligarchy is the most common form of government in history and today.

What did Athens and Sparta have in common in politics?

The Athenian government was trying to be a democracy but did not succeed. The Spartans government was entirely different. The Spartans had an Oligarchy and a Monarchy. An Oligarchy is a government or council ruled by few people.

Oligarchy is the rule of?

An oligarchy is a form of government in which an elite group controls the government.

What were 2 common types of government in early Greek city-states?

oilgarch monarchy democracy

Is an oligarchy government limited or unlimited?

Oligarchy is unlimited.

What form of government was used by the Spartans?


What government is ruled by a small group?

oligarchyOligarchy is the form of government. This is the form that only few people rule.

What were most three common forms of government in ancient Greece?

oligarchy , monarchy , and democracy ... this is my first answer..pimp.

A system of government which a small group holds power?

Govern. by smalll group of people...oligarchy.

The government of sparta was an oligarchy whitch means that it was?

Since the government of Sparta was an oligarchy it was ruled by few.