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- Britain traded Indian opium for Chinese tea

- Chinese people became addicted to opium

- China made it illegal ad asked British to stop trade

- Britain said no

- China loses opium war

- Because Britain has modernized weapons

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It messed up the people enough for the British to start dominating China.

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Q: What affect did the drug opium have on the Chinese people?
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What is the main purpose of the first opium war? Link to historic report of The Opium Wars. The Opium Wars, also known as the Anglo-Chinese Wars, lasted from 1839 to 1841[1] and 1856 to 1860,[2] the climax of a trade dispute between China under the Qing Dynasty and the British Empire. British smuggling of opium from British India into China in defiance of China's drug laws erupted into open warfare between Britain and China. This makes the british Empire; the first ever "Drug Cartell" making drug adicts of endless Chinese. It has had long lasting effect; but for the East Indian Tea companies cultivation of vast amounts of opium popies; in the Kiber pass area; there would be no opium popies in Afganistan; for the opium popy was native to Turey. The English speaking; were the original Drug Pushers; and have the audasity to call others Terrorists! They should have folowed biblical instructions: == ==

What is the Cause and effect of the second opium war in china?

Causes:British aggression and expansionalism. - Opium became the most valuable commodity trade in the 19th century and financed much of Britain's colonization of India.Amount of drug addicts increased to about 12.5 million in 1836.Manchu's corrupt and backward government refused to trade with the British.Had to instigate redress.Results:British gain rights in Chinese ports (More ports are opened)Extraterritoriality (Foreign citizens subject to their home laws)After 2 disasterous wars in 1839 onwards the Chinese realized they couldn't win and gave up.

What was the most commonly used medicine in the civil war?

the most popular medicine used in the civil war was morphine. morphine was a widely used medicine. it was used so often because it was a quick pain killer and it was addicting.

Which countries did not benefit from the British empire?

European countries in general benefited from the British Empire because they like the British empire were hell bent on looting whatever they could out of Asia the Americas and Africa. this ended up leading to a period where piracy was greatly reduced by the British navy to everyones benefit but the slaves that made up the slave trade the Chinese drug addicts that were the result of the British governments opium trade and all the poor saps all over the world that were being enslaved by the well armed Europeans.

Religion is the opium of society?

Actually, the phrase is "religion is the opiate of the masses", a popular Karl Marx observation. This could be taken as truth to those who are particularly cynical about religion, faith, and the power these facets hold over most human societies. Many people see religion as a drug or sorts because of the way it captures people and in many cases changes their behavior. For example, if a person is a criminal and ends up in prison, they may have a religious experience and upon release may be "a different person" because their values and mores have changed drastically.

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How did the British opium trade affect the Chinese economy?

Well, the Chinese paid for the drug in silver to the british, and as the chinese got addicted to the drug, the demand for opium increased. However, the government was alarmed by the increasingly export of silver. The economic consequences was going to be very bad.

How did opium become a drug?

nothing doesn't just become a drug. opium was always a drug that was grown in Britain and illegally traded to China so all of the Chinese people were high for a while. this is what started the Opium war

Which drug that was blamed for draining the Chinese treasury of silver?


What drug was draining the Chinese treasury of silver?


The drug that was blamed for draining the Chinese treasury of sliver was?


What effect did opium have on china's economy?

The British introduced opium to the Chinese and got them addicted. By doing this the Chinese only spent money on the drug. Their economy basically crashed because of opium. Opium is basically heroin.

Did the Ming Dynasty fall to british invaders?

This is what the Brits did to conquer China. They tricked them into drinking opium, a drug. You probably know that Chinese people liked to drink tea. What the British people did is sell opium to the tea shops in China. The Chinese didn't know that a really bad drug was in the tea and drank it. The dug got the Chinese addicted to the tea and so they kept drinking it. The opium made them weaker and weaker

Which drug was blamed for draining the Chinese treasury of silver?


Where did drug dealing begin?

China mid 1800s british sold indian opium to chinese people and the chinese gvt banned it the british wanted to continue selling it so they invaded china this was known as the opium wars.

Which drug was blamed for the Chinese treasury of silver?


What are the first psychotropic drug?

Opium. The Chinese used it over 3500 years ago.

Why did a Roxy come as opium in drug test?

If a drug test has detected opium, then the person tested has used opium.