What animal eats reeds?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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i am sure many animals eat reeds! But the ones i am most certain of our tigers, i hope this helos all of you guys!

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Q: What animal eats reeds?
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What eats reeds?

well swamp hen and heron eat reed.

Why do you call a animal that eats animals that eats plants?

Animals that eat animals that eat plants are called secondary consumers. They are one step higher in the food chain and obtain energy by consuming herbivores. Examples include carnivores like wolves or snakes that prey on herbivores such as rabbits or grasshoppers.

What animals cannot trace the origin of their energy back to plants?

Animals that feed on other animals exclusively, such as carnivores and some omnivores, cannot trace the origin of their energy back to plants. Instead, their energy comes from consuming other animals that have already converted plant energy into their own tissues.

What type of animal eats lantana?


What word would you describe an animal that can only eats other animals?

an animal that only eats meat is a carnivore, an animal the only eats vegetation is a herbivore and an animal that eats both is called an omnivore :)

What animal eats sycamore trees?

no known animal eats the sycamore tree

What animal eats a Red Kite Bird?

This bird has no animal in the UK which eats it.

What is an example of an animal that eats only insects?

a bat is an animal that eats insects

What animal eats slippery elm?

The animal that eats slippery d*ck is me, and my friend

What is it called when an animal will eat anything?

An animal that eats everything is called an omnivore, an animal that eats only meat is called carnivore, and lastly an animal that eats only vegetation is called a herbivore

What name if given to an animal that eats a different animal?

The animal who eats another is the victim's predator. For example, animal 1 is a lioness and animal 2 is a buffalo. The lioness eats or preys on the buffalo. The lioness is the predator of the buffalo.

Consumer that eats animals?

Carnivore= animal that eats other animals Herbivore= animal that eats plants Omnivore= animal that eats both animals and plants ( humans)