What eats reeds?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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well swamp hen and heron eat reed.

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Q: What eats reeds?
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What animal eats reeds?

i am sure many animals eat reeds! But the ones i am most certain of our tigers, i hope this helos all of you guys!

Where do reeds live at?

Reeds grow in river

How do you put reeds in a sentence?

I left my spare reeds at home. These reeds are used for musical instruments by the natives.

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There are no reeds inside a flute.

What is Group of reeds called?

what is a group of reeds called

How many reeds does a bassoon have.?

it only has one reed but the have double-reeds

What too kinds of reeds are there?

I suspect you are referring to single reeds (clarinet and sax) and double reeds (oboe and bassoon).

Where can clarinet reeds be bought?

One place you can get clarinet reeds is The Music Stop. They sell Rico and Vandoren reeds.

What is a group of reeds called?

what is a group of reeds called

When was Mark Reeds born?

Mark Reeds was born in 1960.

When was Reeds Jewelers created?

Reeds Jewelers was created in 1946.