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Advantages of Centralized Military

  • People will have unity. They will be brought together.
  • Effective fighting capability.
  • Reduced number of unnecessary deathes from friendly fire.

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The ability to tell people what to and not to do.

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Q: What are advantages of centralization?
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Discuss advantages and disadvantage of centralization?

Control = UP. Vulnerability = UP

What are the advantage of the centralization?

the advantages of cerntralized is with out knowledge of the erea because the head quartes not in case of that place

What are the pros and cons of centralization?

Centralization is a process of consolidating power under a central facility or control. Some advantages include work flexibility and specialization. Bureaucracy, delays in work and lack of secrecy are some disadvantages.

What are the advantages of hierarchery structure?

The two chief advantages of hierarchical structure regard the centralization and power and authority. In this form of organization power is top down with responsibility, accountability and liability thus placed on its higher echelons.

What is impact of centralization on manpower efficiency?

centralization inversely affect manpower efficiency

When did urban centralization reach its peak in the US?

Urban centralization reached its peak in the US in 1900

What are advantages centralization?

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What is the Concept of centralization?

Centralization is a common concept in business and finance. It has to do with keeping all records in a central place.

Main meaning of centralization?

The act or process of centralizing, or the state of being centralized; the act or process of combining or reducing several parts into a whole; as, the centralization of power in the general government; the centralization of commerce in a city.

What is the definition of centralization and its advantages and disadvantages?

A centralized organization is one in which one person makes all of the decisions. An advantage to that is that the organization is always in sync. A disadvantage is the fact that it will take longer to react to the industry.

What are disadvantage of centralization?

The main disadvantage of centralization is managers are overburdened. There is also a chance of misusing the powers and lack of environmental adaptation.

What is National centralization?

its when a country centralizes