What are humans ment to do?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Drink, lie, get depressed, steal, and pretend to be happy.

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Q: What are humans ment to do?
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Why humans drown in water and fish suffocate on land?

Humans drown in water because our respiratory system is not adapted for underwater breathing and we cannot extract oxygen from water like fish can. Fish suffocate on land because their gills cannot extract oxygen from the air, which is less dense and has a different composition than water. Additionally, fish need to stay moist to allow their gills to function properly, which is why they suffocate when exposed to air for extended periods.

Can a guinea pig get better from a tums?

No. tums are ment for humans. Not really animals. But u could use a medicine ment for guinea pigs.

What is ment by anthropology?

Anthropology is the study of humans from a cultural, physical, linguistic, and archaeological standpoint.

Why can't humans use nitrogen like oxygen?

its denser than oxygen and our bodys werent ment to use it

How is a robot similar to a living thing?

Robots and living things both require a source of energy to function and can perform tasks or actions. Additionally, they can both respond to stimuli or input in order to produce a specific outcome.

What birds should humans not eat?

i don't think it really matters. Everything in the world is ment to be eaten weather it will kill us or not

What is ment by humanistic?

Humanistic means to be concerned with human nature. If a person is humanistic they are acting like a human should and being caring of humans as people.

Does perry and you were ment to be?

Katy and I were ment to be!(: lol

A suffix that can be used with encamp?


Is -ment as in document a root word?

No,-ment is a suffix.

What is the suffix of management?

what does ment mean, though?

What is ment by CRR in trading?

What is ment by CRR in trading?"