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Basically Human resources can be divided into personal resources...the attitude of a person or human resource. Examples: Energy, Knowledge, Attitude, Creativity, Awareness and Interest.

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Q: What are personal resources?
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Where could one find information about personal financial planning?

Information about personal financial planning can be found online from many different resources. Some examples of these resources include CNN and AICPA.

What personal resources did he have to become a director?

A wonderful imagination He was very sarcastic

How can personal management skills help you to be successful in school and at work?

Management skills (whether work, school, or personal related) typically involve choosing and organizing the many resources available to appropriately achieve a goal or objective. These resources are as follows. * material resources * human resources * financial resources * informational resources If you are on the job, you will be required to manage the above resources in the most effective way. In your school work and/or personal life you will have to use the same resources. Some do it better than others. It would take a book to go over it all, but if you think about it long enough, you will understand how the management of the resources mentioned above fit into every aspect of your life.

What country reported generally intolerant attitudes toward personal use of organizational computing resources?

Singapore and Hong Kong are two countries that have intolerant attitudes toward personal use of organizational computing resources.

What resources or tools can you use to help identify hazards in your personal life?


Where can I find fitness resources?

There are plenty of fitness resourses on the web, as well as in your local phonebook. From personal trainers to dieting guides, your resources are endless!

Is there a single place to locate family resources?

Your personal family resources can be found by finding your family. Facebook is a great place to look for family and friends.

When you access resources on the Internet instead of on your own personal computers you are employing what?

cloud computing

What is a personal computer on a network that requests resources is called?

Client Computer

What is the most important source of money for new business start-ups?

Personal resources.

Where do your answeres come from?

Some are from documented resources... some are from personal experience... some I pull out of my butt!

What are human financial and physical resources?

Human financial resources refer to the money and investments individuals possess, while physical resources are tangible assets such as property, equipment, and materials. Both types of resources can be leveraged to achieve personal goals or organizational objectives.