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The are called The General Assembly or The Legislative Assembly.

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There are 3 levels of law makers:

  1. Federal
  2. State/Provincial
  3. Municipal
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Q: What are state law making bodies called?
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What are two bodies of the 'law making' branch?

The two bodies of the legislative or 'law making' branch are called the Congress. The two bodies are the US House of Representatives and the US Senate.

What is the Name of the french law making body?

The French law making bodies are the Assemblee Nationale and the Senat.

What laws are passed by law making bodies?

Statutory Laws

What are two law making bodies of the US Congress?

legislative and congress

Congress is the law making branch in what level of government?

law making

What called to law making institution in America?

You are probably groping for the word "Congress." The US Congress is "bicameral" meaning it consists of two bodies. One body is called the Senate. The other is called the House of Representatives.

What is a source of law that includes those laws passed or enacted by the various legislative bodies such as the US Congress or State Legislatures?

A source of law that includes laws passed by legislative bodies such as the US Congress or State Legislatures is known as statutory law. Statutory law refers to the laws created by these legislative bodies and is a primary source of law in the legal system. It includes acts, statutes, codes, ordinances, and regulations passed by these bodies.

What is a state legislature?

A governing (law making) body for a state.

Who are the law making bodies in Japan?

Diet of Japan ; see related link below .

Under the U.S. constitution the legislative branch is?

It cosnsists of the law making bodies- the House and Senate.

Who is the law making body in Louisiana?

The State Legislature.

Does balance affects newton's third law of motion?

No, his third law still applies no matter the state of the influenced bodies.