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"Cigar city" is a nickname for tampa.

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Q: What are the 2 nicknames for Florida?
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What are Bigfoots nicknames?

bigfoot, yeti, sasquatch, and Florida skunk ape.

What nicknames does Libby Jones go by?

Libby Jones goes by The Florida Hurricane.

Origin of Florida's nickname?

Florida's main nickname is the sunshine state. It has many other nicknames, but this is the one that people call it the most.

What nicknames does Kathy Willets go by?

Kathy Willets goes by Florida's Naughty Nympho.

What is Florida nickname?

Florida's nickname is "The Sunshine State". It is on all of Florida's license plates. But there are about nine other nicknames that I didn't mention.

What are the nicknames of Florida?

The most famous nickname for Florida is the Sunshine state and when Ponce de leon found it he named it Pascua Florida meaning: Flowery Easter or flowering Easter because when he got there it was Eastertime.

Why is one of Florida's nicknames the peninsula state?

It is the ''Peninsula State'' since it is surrounded on three sides by water.

What are the nicknames for the sandy hook lighthouse?

Out of the 2 nicknames I only know 1 which is the "New York Lighthouse".

What is the population of St Petersburg Fl?

According to the 2010 U. S. census, the population of Saint Petersburg, Florida is 244,769.

2 nicknames of Maryland?

Old line state

What is the 2 nicknames of japan?

The Land of the Rising Sun =)

Who leads the series between Florida and Florida state?

Florida leads 33-19-2