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I've got 2 for sure, but the 3rd one I'm not quite sure about.

1. Developed under the imperial oligarchy.

2. Top members of the bureaucracy are technocrats--experts in technical and administrative affairs.

3. Jobs in the bureaucracy do not pay as well as many private sector jobs do, and most of them demand long hours.

I got this information from the book, "Prentice Hall Magruder's American Government" by William A. McClenaghan

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Three defining features of a bureaucracy are hierarchical authority, job specialization, and formalized rules.

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Q: What are the 3 features of a bureaucracy?
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What features of a federal bureaucracy help it to run efficiently?

The Benefits of a Bureaucracy has three features-hierarchical authority, job specialization, and formalized rules-make bureaucracy the most effective way for people to work together on large and complex tasks, whether public or private.

Type of bureaucracy in great Britain?

Type of Bureaucracy Ans :- 1. Guardian Brueaucrancy 2. Cast Bureaucracy 3. Patronage Bureaucracy 4. Merit Bureaucracy

Who heads the federal bureaucracy?

The President of the United States is the chief of the federal bureaucracy. It is estimated that the federal bureaucracy employs approximately 3 million people.

Are all 3 branches of the federal government in the first 3 articles of constitution?

Yes, but no. It does not detail nor discuss the Bureaucracy which is an extension of the Executive. The Bureaucracy is responsible for the execution of most federal laws.

Features of bureaucracy?

Bureaucracy is a flawed process that brings about many adverse side effects. Instead of managing productivity, managers are encouraged to worry about the processes. Multiple constraints increase the possibility of those with their own self interests being allowed to intervene in the running of the department. Rather than common business concerns of efficiency, there is more of a tendency to worry about equity. Constraints on resources make managers risk averse, and there is an overabundance of managers performing duplicate tasks.

What is the weberian model of bureaucracy?

Weberian model of bureaucracy is related to administration in large organization.It's main features are:1. Found in large organization.2. strict adherence to rule and regulations.3. Officials are appointed on merit basis.4. Hierarchy of officials6. Impersonality of officials.7. Full time job and to be paid.This model is still exist in all public administrations.

What is a large complex organization made up of appointed officials?

a bureaucracy.

Is a bureaucracy big or small?

Bureaucracy is always big.

Positives of bureaucracy?

what are the effects of bureaucracy in modern organization.

When was Bureaucracy - book - created?

Bureaucracy - book - was created in 1944.

A sentence with the word bureaucracy?

It was difficult to get through all of the bureaucracy to simply get a straight answer. His paperwork had gotten lost in the vast bureaucracy.

How bureaucracy handle problems in the area?

A bureaucracy tends to handle any problem by 1) shifting their feet 2) making more work to benefit themselves 3) resisting all efforts at efficiency