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the three natural rights are Life Liberty and Property :)

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Life, liberty, and property

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Q: What are the 3 natural rights?
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What are your 3 natural rights?

Your 3 Natural Rights are Life, Liberty, and The Pursuit of Happiness.

What were 3 natural rights stated by John Locke?

John Locke believed "life, liberty, and property" to be the 3 natural rights.

How are natural rights different from other rights?

natural rights are rights you get when you are born. that is why they are called NATURAL rights.

What are your 3 natural born rights?

Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

What are the Natural rights are the same as?

Natural rights are the same as

What were the 3 parts of the declaration?

1. Preamble 2. Natural Rights 3. List of Grievances

What part of the Declaration of Independence declared independence?

1- Preamble 2-Declaration of Natural Rights 3-List of Grievances 4-Resolution of Independence by the United States

What is the purpose if the natural rights?

what is the purpose of the declaration of natural rights

How do you use natural rights in a sentence?

i have natural rights to masterbait

What did John Locke's natural rights mean?

Natural rights our rights that do not depend on laws, customs, or the belief of any culture. Natural rights naturally bleed into the concept of human rights.

What were natural and inseparable rights?

The natural and inseparable rights were the rights to life and the right to keep and bear arms.

How are natural right differ from other rights?

Natural rights are god given rights you are born with other rights are rights you have to work for from other people.