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maraming tulay,kalsada,at simbahan ang nagagawa nito..:)) |<e|\|+

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Q: What are the advantages of polo y servicio?
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What is the effect of polo servicio y personales?

Waley !

What is the meaning of the word polo y servicio?

&quot;Polo y servicio&quot; is a Spanish term that refers to a type of luxury service in which a polo player is hired to provide entertainment and play polo for guests at an event or function. It combines the sport of polo with high-end service for a unique and upscale experience.

Who are exempted in polo y servicio?

Students, and people with mental and physical disabilities

Polo y servicios?

polo y servicios polo y servicios

What is Servicio de Vigilancia Aduanera's motto?

Servicio de Vigilancia Aduanera's motto is 'Por tierra, mar y aire'.

How do you say INS in Spanish?

Servicio de Immigracion y Naturalizacion

What does symta mean in spanish?

Servicio y mantenimiento de tecnicas analiticas

Mabuting epekto ng polo y servicio?

ang mga Pilipino ay natuto sa mga gawaing industriyal, mas lumawak pa ang kanilang kaalaman sa pag papatayo ng tulay ,gusali at iba pa. at naging civilized sila.

What is good about polo y servicio?

ang mabuti lang dito ay ang motibo nila na itayo ang kumunidad ng pilipinas nung panahon na yun... at ang tira, puro pagpapahirap sa "indiyo" o ang sinaunang Filipino

What is the birth name of Gonzalo Polo?

Gonzalo Polo's birth name is Gonzalo Polo y Bombn.

What is Aguadilla City Police Department's motto?

The motto of Aguadilla City Police Department is 'Seguridad, Servicio y Orgullo'.

What actors and actresses appeared in Y el cine marcha. Una historia del cine al servicio de los Derechos Humanos - 2008?

The cast of Y el cine marcha. Una historia del cine al servicio de los Derechos Humanos - 2008 includes: Antonio Banderas