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Each state has its own unique place in Senate history. Reminders that we are a union of states surround us as we walk the halls of the Senate office buildings and the Capitol, where state flags, seals, and cherished objects of art from the individual states are proudly displayed. As senators perform their constitutionally appointed duties, they bring to the Senate a part of their state's culture and contribute to their state's history.

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Q: What are the characteristics of senate?
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Characteristics of a republican government?

Representatives are chosen by the people. For a period of time.

Who is part of the senate?

Do you mean the US senate, the Canadian Senate, or the Roman senate.

Which legislature body has an equal number of representatives from each state?

ii think its the senate

Is the house or senate stronger in Foreign Policy?

The Senate.

What house in Congress has the power to filibuster?


What is the name of the place the senate meets?

Senate Chamber The Senate Chamber

What is a Senate committee?

A Senate committee is a comittee of people in the Senate who decide on certain laws to be passed on to a full Senate vote.

The power to confirm appointments to supreme court resides in?

with the Senate

When should senate be capitalized?

"Senate" should be capitalized when referring to a specific senate, such as the United States Senate or the Roman Senate. It is also capitalized when used as part of an official title, like the Senate Majority Leader.

What do you call the Senate member elected by the Senate who stands in as president of the Senate in the absence of the vice president?

The office is Senate pro tempore. He is elected by the Senate. The current custom is to elect the majority party member with the greatest seniority in the Senate.

Who has the power to approve or disapprove treaties?

The Senate is responsible for either approving of a treaty or rejecting it.

Who is the presiding office of the Senate?

== == == == the presiding officer in the senate is the vice president president of the senate