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Mrs.Brumback is blond wears glasses went to Texas go follow her :P HAHAHAHAHA, JK shes too nice <3

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Q: What are the main ideas expressed in Old Major's speech?
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What is the main value of using statistics in a speech?

Quanitfy the speaker's ideas.

What are the three main ideas expressed in the Articles of Confederation?

Specified how the National Government was to operate.

What were the two main ideas expressed by these words of Allah?

The two main ideas expressed by these words of Allah were the importance of patience in facing trials and tribulations, and the promise of reward for those who remain steadfast in their faith.

What are implicit main ideas?

Are the ideas that are fully and completely expressed It does not require the reader to guess or to infer. They convey facts and explain events unambiguously. The window is open.

What were the two main ideas expressed by Allah's words?

There 2 main ideals that express allahs words. The two are the cover of the book and meaning of the book.

What was trhe exposition speech about?

The exposition speech provided background information and context for the audience about the topic being discussed. It aimed to introduce the main ideas and set the stage for the rest of the speech.

Which step should happen right after you select a theme for a speech?

Right after selecting a theme for a speech, the next step would be to outline the main points or key ideas that you want to convey. This will help in organizing your thoughts and structuring your speech effectively.

What are the two main goals of the conclusion of a speech?

The two main goals of the conclusion of a speech are to summarize the main points and leave a lasting impression on the audience. By recapping key ideas and reinforcing the main message, the conclusion helps solidify the speech's impact and ensure that the audience retains the key takeaways.

What are the main ideas expressed in The White Man's Burden?

to show how white people have problems to, just like colored/different people. -MM

What are the main UCLA majors?

English major!

Explanation of preamble?

The preamble of the Constitution set out the idea of why the US was formed. It also expressed the main ideas of the US: life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

How do I write a speech for student government I want it to have a lot oh humor in it too And I am running for publicity against someone popular and I need a lot of help?

To write a speech rich in humor for a student government, include main ideas backed up by the supporting ideas.