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The British policy of annexation led to the displacement of a large number of rulers.

The strict enforcement of the policies of subsidiary alliance and doctrine of lapse made the ruling sections of society very unhappy. Rani Lakshmi Bai and Nana Sahib became the enemies of the British and led the revolt in their respective territories.

the annexation of Awadh on grounds of misgovernment, was greatly resented. The Nawabs of Awadh had been loyal to the British. The annexation was widely seen as an act of betrayal by the British. It deeply hurt the sentimes of the Company's sepoys because most of them came from Awadh, the people there got no relief from oppression. Peasants had to pay even higher revenue and additional taxes were imposed. The British provided no alternative source of employment to the people who lost their jobs due to the collapse of the Nawab's administration.

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Q: What are the political causes for the revolt of 1857?
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Just go to Google Images and type :´1857 revolt´. There they are.

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The revolt of 1857 is known byIndian historians as war of independence as it was an attempt for the Indians to throw off the shackles of foreign domination . Britishers call this revolt The Indian mutiny as they considered the events of 1857 as a revolt against their authority over India

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The revolt of 1857 is called by different names which are ` Indian rebellion of 1857, First war of Indian independence, `sepoy rebellion, Indian mutiny ... There was a threat to British rule in India, when native Indian soldiers of the British army rose in revolt in 1857 against their British officers. They had many problems with the company. The revolt came after the incidence of greased cartridges. A rumour was spread that grease of the cartrdges, whose end had to be bitten off before loading the newly introduced Enfield rifle was made of beef or pig fat ... This hurt the religious feelings of both the Hindus and the Muslims. The Hindus consider the cow a sacred animal and the Muslims consider pig as unclean ... On 9th may at Meerut, soldiers refused to use these cartridges as they felt that the British were trying to destroy their religion. Therefore of the Indian regiments shot down their officers, broke open the prisons and set free their jailed fellow soldiers ...

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