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That depends on the government, whether it is state or national (or local).

Some public facilities often provided by governments are:

  1. Health Care: Different governments get into this at different levels, but there is usually a Center of Disease Control to help solve massive health crisis situations, even when there aren't government-run hospitals or other facilities.
  2. Banking Facilities: Depending on the government, there could be governmental control of banking in general, or banking insurance, or loans to help with housing costs, etc.
  3. Built up roads & highways: Government maintained roads (or government funding for the same) help people be able to drive across a country rather than running into an area that hasn't chosen to maintain the roads.
  4. Law & order : A legal system and method of enforcement to help keep the populous safe and enforce laws.
  5. Public transportation
  6. Education
  7. Digital services: internet, telephone, or television regulation
  8. Food regulations, etc.
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drinking water and electricity

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Q: What are the public facilities provided by government?
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What are the public facilities provided by the government of INDIA?

there are probably no public facilities in in india,but it is progressing vey fast.In many of the places the govt. has provided clean water but in many places people are not provided with clean water.....

What are the types of public facilities?

the facilities provided to the citizen of india by the government is called public facillities. the citizens must use it economically because these facillities are provided to the citizens so taht they can live a comfortable live. some common public facilities are:electricitywaterhealth careschoolling facillities

Which are the public facilities provided by Government around the world?

well there are alot... but in most countries public bathrooms (like porta pots) are an example

Where does the government get the money from for the public fACILITIES?

the government get money for public facilities fromthe various taxes like incometax,sales tax,housetax,water tax,road tax..........

What are public facilities?

the facilities given to the people residing in that country are the public facilities of that country. e.g. -transports like train ,bus, auto rikshaw ,dustbins kept on roads etc.

Where do income taxes go?

To the members of the government to fund all public facilities.

Why is there a need for public facilities?

Public facilities? This could mean public restrooms and this case thank goodness or there would be no place for people to stop and relieve themselves. Public facilities .... Is also a library or other government funded place for assisting people with knowledge giving answers or simply education.

What do you understand by public facility?

There are essential facilities needed to be provided for evaryone.for example water,healthcare and sanitation,electricity,public transport school and collages.

What is the difference between private and public relief?

Private relief help is provided by individuals and businesses. Public relief help is provided by the government through public taxes.

What facilities should be provided to soldiers families?

what facilities should be provided to a soldier's family

what is a public defender?

a lawyer provided by the government to represent poor clients

Is provided by the government to meet the social and economic needs of the people?

public services