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There are six positions in the house of representatives. These positions include the whip, the floor leader, party conference chair, and the democratic and republican house committees, and assistant minority leader.

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1.The Powerful House

2. The Divided House

3. The Speaker Rules

4. Th House Revolts

5. The Member Rules

6. The Leadership Returns

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Q: What are the six positions of the house of representatives?
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How many members are in the Michigan House of Representatives?

There are 15 Michigan Representatives in the US House of Representatives. There are 110 Representatives in the Michigan House of Representatives.

What positions are elected directly by the people?

member of the House of Representatives

Number in the house of representatives?


How many are in each House of Representatives?

The are 100 Senators in the Senate, and 435 Congressmen in the House of Representatives (not counting the six delegates with non-voting seats).

How many representatives are the house representatives?

435 "representatives" that is, members of the House of representives plus a few non-voting ones like for DC. Then there are 100 Senators who "represent"; but are not called representatives. Was that a trick question?

What are the terms for the House of Representatives and the Senate?

The normal term lengths are six years for senators and two years for representatives.

How many democrats are in the house of representatives for Georgia?

In Georgia's House of Representatives, there are 74 Democrats. There are 180 seats in the GA House. In the US House, there are six Democrats from Georgia. Georgia has thirteen total seats in the House.

In the Florida house of representativies how many representatives are republicans?

Thirty six are republicans

What are the titles of six positions filled by the house at the begging of eack term?

There are six positions that sound relatively meager, but are important to the working of the system. These positions are clerk, speaker, sergeant at arms, doorkeeper, postmaster, and chaplain.

Who chooses the members of the house?

The members of the house of representatives ore chosen by the citizens of Australia on an electorate basis.( an ellectorate being a given area with a limited population. Ministerial positions and other political appointment's are made by the prime minister who is elected by the representatives representatives

Is a member of the House of Representatives in Congress elected to serve for two four or six years?

Members of the US House of Representatives serve for two years and tehn must seek reelection. US Senators serve for six years.

Is the house of representatives based on population or equality?

The Senate is based on equal representation for all of the states, with two senators for each state. These senators serve staggered six-year terms, which means that they start and end at different items.