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Labours, Conservatives and Liberal Democrats

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Q: What are the three main elements of the major parties in terms of the roles of their members?
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What are the three elements of the parties in the terms of the roles of their member?

Labours, Conservatives and Liberal Democrats

Historically what have been the most important roles of minor parties?

The most important roles of minor political parties has been to give the voters and option outside of the 2 major parties. Minor political parties have altered the outcome of some of elections.

What are the five major of the members of both house?

The five major roles of members of both houses legislation, represent their constituents,members of various committees, servants of the people and propagation of the political agenda.

How can a two party system can have more then two parties?

In a two party system, there exists minor parties. A minor party is a smaller, less influential political party. The two party system is when two parties control almost all the political roles. The two major parties also have a majority of the registered voters willing to vote in their party's favor. Minor parties tend to be more single focus platforms while the two major parties encompass many issues.

Three Reasons minor parties form?

They don't believe either major party's candidate is fulfilling certain needs, they have a certain disagreement with one of the major parties (splinter party), or they're taking a stronger stand on a specific issue (single-issue party).

What is roles do political parties play and why?

Political parties have an important role to play in inducting/influencing members of the society in direct/indirect political participation in governing the state.The state has been assigned a function with the will of the people and by the people to govern by indirect representation through members elected in a political party. The non governing political parties become oppositions and expose the policies and the weaknesses in governing of the government by elected political party of the state to the people.

What roles do congressional leaders play and what is their relation to political parties?

Congressional leaders, such as the Speaker of the House and the Majority Leader in the Senate, play crucial roles in shaping and executing the legislative agenda of their respective chambers. They determine the priorities and schedule for legislative action, liaise with the President and executive branch, and coordinate party members' votes. Congressional leaders are typically members of political parties and work closely with their party members to advance party goals and ensure party discipline in voting.

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What are 5 major roles of congress play?

Members of Congress play five major roles. They are most importantly Legislatorsand Representatives of their constituents. Beyond these roles, they are also Committee Members, Servants of their constituents, and Politicians.

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