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the 2 kinds of the globe

1.di ko alam

2.ewan ko sa inyo

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political boundaries or topography

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Q: What are the two kinds of globe?
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What is one half of a globe called?

a hemisphere.

Who preformed in the globe theatre?

The globe theater was Shakespeare's theater. Plays like Romeo and Juliet and Hamlet were peformed there.

Why is a globe the best representation of the earth?

Globe is the best representation of the earth because it shows the shape of the earth, which is spherical and it makes it easy to show how the earth revolves and rotates.

What year was the first globe made?

In 140 BC, a Greek known as Crates of Mallus built what may have been the first globe in history. It is hard to picture what was on that globe, since the Greeks only knew what a small part of the planet looked like. They had never traveled to China, Australia or the Americas, so none of those places could have been on the globe.

What shakespeares plays were performed at the original globe?

We're pretty sure about Julius Caesar, Hamlet and Henry V, which were performed about the time the Globe was built. Richard II was played at the Globe in 1601 in the hope that it would drum up support for the Earl of Essex (it didn't). We are definitely sure about Henry VIII which is what they were playing when the Globe burned down in 1613. Simon Forman saw Macbeth, The Winter's Tale and possibly Cymbeline at the Globe in 1610-11. Troilus and Cressida, All's Well That Ends Well, Measure for Measure, and The Tempest were likely played at the Globe as well. There could have been revivals of his earlier plays, but we cannot be sure. It is possible that some did not appear on the public stage at all. There are no accounts of contemporary performances of Coriolanus or Timon of Athens.

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What theater did Shakespeare have part ownership of?

He owned a share in two theatres: The Globe and The Blackfriars. His share was usually one-eighth.

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