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-fixed prices

-control of private industries(recreation to combat)

-labor union control(no strikes)


-steel productions controlled(corsets)

-victory gardens(food to troops)

-meatless meals

-lightless nights

-gasless sunday

-raise taxes


-liberty bonds

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1. War bonds

2. Taxes

3. Borrowed money

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Q: What are three ways government can pay for war?
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How did the US Government pay for World War 2?

Several ways. Confiscation of gold just before the war. The sale of War Bonds during the war. Inflation after the war. The US government paid for World War 2 by taking money from the economy of the surrounding states. This money was used to make supplies for the war.

How did the government pay for this war effort?


How did the government pay for the world war 1?

war bonds

Ways to pay for the war?

raise taxes and use that

How did the government pay for the war effort?

first answer: taxes second improved answer: Governments can also borrow money to pay for wars & other things. If a government issues debt (example war bonds), then it will normally try to pay back its debt by using taxes & other government revenues to fund the interest & principal payments. Your question is vague as to which government & which war effort. Some governments (such as Nazi Germany, Soviet Union, Imperial Japan) also pay for war by stealing, confiscating, looting, creating slave labor, etc.

In what two ways did the government finance World War 2?

The government was taking money out of the citizens bank accounts and tellin them he would pay them their money back after the war when the war was over. He never did what he said, because the citizens maybe only got about 10% of their money back.

What did the British government pay for the French and Indian War?

the british government payed by trading

What are three ways total war affected ordinary citizens?

Military conscription was one way in which total war affected ordinary citizens. Other ways included an increase in taxes, and rationing.

The federal government was unable to pay its Revolutionary War debts because it could not?

The federal government was unable to pay its Revolutionary War debts because it did not have the power to levy taxes. The war was fought from 1775 to 1783.

Why were taxes so high after the civil war?

The government had to pay off the War Debt.

How did government mobilize the economy for the war effort World War 1?

Congress passed the War Revenue Act of 1917. The Government borrowed money to pay for the war.

How did the government raise money to pay for war during World War 2?

War bonds and stamps were one way. U.S government had to raise taxes multiple times to pay for the war and other needs like food, weapons, health care, and transportation with the people getting drafted and in order to pay for all that the government had to increase taxes